Thursday, January 21, 2010

Glorious Morning

In spite of what the eventual header to this post intimates, IT IS Friday morning, 22 January 2010, and it's glorious.

Fay and I were up and about at around 0600 taking a casual stroll around the bottom [southern] half of the property. I write this from the south verandah [there are also north and east verandahs].

I have Sulphur-crested Cockatoos screething as they fly around. The two Rainbow Lorikeets continue to dominate the southern birdtable while a pair of Galahs wait patiently, in the overhanging tree, for their turn.

In the background there is a Bar-shouldered Dove calling and a few Blue-faced Honeyeaters are flitting back and forth between south and north feeders. To the north there is a Brush Cuckoo advertising its presence.

A little earlier there was the rauocous call of the Channel-billed Cuckoo and far off to the south I heard the Pheasant Coucal.

The initial flurry over, the lorikeets have gone to investigate fresher pastures, or rather to investigate what some of our other bird-feeding neighbours have on offer. The Galahs have dropped down to the feeder. The Apostlebirds are arguing the toss over some trivial matter somewhere in the orchard and the world immediately around me is at peace.

We added White-eared Monarch to the Year List which now stands at 136; the Top 5 remain as per previous post.


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