Friday, February 26, 2010

150 and Counting

Such is life! The first 140+ during January but what with work and study commitments the tally had to slow down and will continue at a lesser pace until the Easter vacation period when no doubt Fay and I will manage a visit somewhere that should include different species. I'm scheduled to attend a residential weekend workshop [Charles Sturt University] in the Albury/Wodonga region [border New South Wales & Victoria border] mid-April and that may provide a few more for the Year List.

On the other hand, each passing month brings the Staffordshire trip a little closer and we still have a few preperations afoot.

Not that any of the above prevented us reaching 150 for the 2010 Year List. And what a corker to reach that milestone with, the elusive Australian Owlet-nightjar! The reward for diligence in being up at my Graduate Certificate in Ornithology books at 0400 hours. Even Fay didn't object to being awoken this early so she too could hear it. Or rather, them; one called from the east, a second responded from the west.

Not having my own photo, I've "borrowed" this one from via google images.

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